Re: Spatial Mode Window Cluttering and Possible Solutions

Olaf Frączyk wrote:

It is true for a personal use. For a company unfortunately it is not.
I work in a not so big company. We have about 15.000 files (not counting
system and personal). The hierarchy is average 4 levels deep. The
deepest is (about) 8 levels. Unless you have a datababase to hold all of
your files it is unavoidable to have rather big directory tree.


This comment set another issue, on top of windows cluttering,
file management. True, if the system is complex you need a
hell of a way to handle your information. Could be difficult
to tag files, in the complete tree or in parts of it, so that
they are handled automatically by a database, such as mysql
or similar ? This could change completely the way of browsing,
you do not really need the present "physical" movement along
the tree, you could keep everithing in few directories, as
long as the files are well indicized by something. Suppose
you subdivide directories, as can be done by links, in several
ways, i.e. you can attribute to a file say 5 tags. Depending on
the tag you choose you get a different directory display, and
this information is gathered from the database that handle all
the information, passing it to the windowing system, so that
the "physical" structure of the tree is one, but it can change
depending on what you are looking for. Moreover this push you
to organize better your "virtual" tree, with the help of the
database. I think it can be done and should be fast enough. I hope I have been clear.



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