Re: Spatial Mode Window Cluttering and Possible Solutions

Although fading makes the user believe that the windows has closed/disappeared, which will confuse the user.

Nathaniel McCallum <npmccallum gentoo org> wrote:
Just use Xorg Composite to slowly fade to transparent parent windows
when the only action is opening a child folder.  If the user lets them
decay, they just eventually close (when invisible).  If the user
interacts with the window, it regains full opacity and stays until the
user manually closes it.  This both solves the problem and is much more
intuitive.  If Xorg Composite is not available, disable the behavior.


On Sun, 2005-04-17 at 23:23 -0400, Yuan Qi wrote:

Ubuntu Bugzilla Entry:

Nautilus spatial is a very user friendly way to navigate files, however, it
creates window clutter for users who use deep folder trees. I think a
needs to be made on how to improve the spatial mode, especially when we
considering all the controversies created by

Here is my suggestion of a new spatial behaviour:

A folder will be automatically minimized when the user opens one of its
subfolders for the first time.

If the *very next* action performed by the user *on the autominimized
folder* is
to bring it up again, then a flag will be set to tell nautilus not to
autominimize it the next time.

That folder will not be minimized the next time the user opens a
subfolder from
that folder.

If the *very next* action performed by the user on *that particular parent
window* this time is to minimize it, then the flag will be deleted and the
folder will be autominimized the next time.

This suggestion, however, will not solve the cluttering on the taskbar. So I
want to make another suggestion to the behaviour of the taskbar that
goes with
the above suggestion:

Only the non-minimized window will have an explicit entry on the taskbar. In
order to access the minimized parent windows, the user should use the
path menu,
which can be brought up by clicking on the path button on the bottom
left corner
of the folder window, or by clicking and hold the taskbar entry for more
one second (similar to how the tool button groups work in Adobe Photoshop).

Of course, people will argue that this is very unintuitive to novice users, but this confusion should be largely resovle with properly designed window minimization animation.

ps. My description of the feature might be worded poorly, so please free
to ask
me to clarify my wording.

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