Re: Tile View for nautilus (mockup image)

Nice!  A couple of comments though :)

My first thought is that the 'no emblems attached' label can be removed,
and that area can either be left blank if there are no emblems, or the
information above can grow down (though not sure what else you'd put

Also, what happens with longer filenames or folder names?  Your example
uses pretty short ones, but what happens when I go into my mp3 folder
and have folders with longer names like "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" 
and "Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen".  I'd almost think that
the name belongs on the right of the folder/file icon, and the file
information goes below.  Does it really need to the name of 'folder',
can't people see that from the icon?

Maybe something like this:

 | ******  Tom Petty and... |                                 
 | ******  6 items          |                    
 | ******  8.25 mb          |         
 | @@ %%   Today at 8:28pm  |                             

Where the three rows of stars is the file type icon and @@ %% are
emblems.  Personally I think that the size is more important than last
modified, and that the last modified time could not be there if the
emblems are more than 2 wide and they overwrite the last line on the
righthand quadrant. 

For files is it possible to show metadata (ie: mp3 ID3 tag info, or
image date/fstop/shutterspeed data)?  

My $0.02.  

On Sun, Apr 10, 2005 at 09:18:09PM +0100, Paul Hendrick wrote:
> I've created a mockup of a tile-view for nautilus. i think it'd be a
> cool way of viewing my folders, without having to use the list view,
> which i don't really like.
> you can see the image here:
> what does everyone think?
> regards,
> paul.
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