Re: DragNDrop to an unopened folder (without springs) and a nice accessibility side-effect

>> I've been wondering about this. Another solution (it seems to me) would
>> be, during a drag operation to use the opposite mouse button to open any
>> folder under the mouse pointer. This has the advantage of not requiring
>> a "wait/hover" period before the folder is opened, making it really fast
>> to place objects down in the folder-hierarchy.
> I think it's fairly complicated to press a mouse button while you are
> already holding another one, and not only for people with disabilities.

Well, I disagree (respectfully, of course). I find this action very
natural and it avoids the need to either wait or to reach for the
keyboard. (you do need to use a different finger for each mouse button!)

The only way to really assess this is for some people to try it and report

If you have a disability this method might be a problem.
However, implementing this doesn't prevent a less-able user from doing D&D
the normal way or for other methods of D&D to be implemented in addition
to this.


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