Re: Rethinking emblems

On Sun, 2005-03-04 at 15:15 +0200, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> I have done a small writeup on some smarter way of using emblems.
> Currently most of them are nothing more but pretty pictures you can 
> attach to your folders, but they have a lot of potential.
> Some of the stuff have been brought up before, like the watermarking of 
> folders.
> Well, anyway, here is the text:
> Hope you can live with some misspellings.
> - Andreas

I agree that when displaying the emblems to users they should at least
be categorized into Content and Status categories. Right now its just
hodge-podge. Can you open a bug for that? Probably slamming a simple
named divider will make an improvement.

Guessing the content might be runtime costly and error prone. If I have
two folders with a lot of pictures, it doesn't mean I want a little
photo icon on both. Maybe on of them is a website. You'd have to get
into some crazy statistical analysis.

If nautilus had built-in file sharing the share emblem could be

Alternatively, perhaps you could hard-code certain folder names, and
auto-attach certain emblems. Or perhaps we can include a Folder-making
Druid for the purpose of putting standard named, fully translated,
emblem attached, root-level folders such as Music, Photos, Downloads,
etc, (overkill?).


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