Nautilus debugging tips?

Hey everyone,

Initially, one of the toughest things about contributing to Nautilus
was learning how to debug effectively. I've developed a pattern of
debugging that works for me, but I was wondering if anyone has any
further advice.

Right now, here's what I do:
1. find a bug
2. locate the part of the source where I suspect the bug might be
3. look through the code and understand its paths of execution
4. open up a terminal
5. run: 'ps axu | grep nautilus' to get Nautilus' pid
6. run: 'gdb nautilus <nautilus pid>' to debug the currently running
nautilus process
7. debug by placing lots of breakpoints
8. edit the source code
9. compile & install the updated nautilus with 'make && make install'
10. restart nautilus: 'nautilus --quit'
11. repeat steps 5-10 until the bug is fixed

Is this what most Nautilus developers do, or am I doing stuff the hard way? :)

Thanks for any advice! I really appreciate it.


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