[PATCH] weird parent window selection bug

Hey everyone,

I found this bug while working on improving the behavior of 'alt-up'
(the patch is coming soon!)

This patch fixes a race condition in FMDirectoryView that causes an
item in list view to sometimes not to be selected in its parent window
when using 'alt-up' in a Nautilus navigator window.
Without the patch, this happens:
	1. Open up a navigator window to '/home' and set it to 'List View'.
	2. Close the window.
	3. Re-launch Nautilus either by logging out and logging back in, or
by typing 'nautilus --quit' in a terminal.
	4. Open up a navigator window to your home directory
	5. Now press 'alt-up' to go to the '/home' directory
	Expected result: your home folder should be selected in the window
	Actual result: your home folder is not selected
	Now, press the 'Back' button to go back to your home folder, and then
press 'alt-up' again to go back to the '/home' folder.
	This time, and all subsequent times until you restart Nautilus, your
home folder *is* selected.

I found that when doing an 'alt-up' into the /home folder for the
first time, and the /home folder is in list view, FMDirectoryView's
selection_changed_callback would get called *before* finish_loading()
had a chance to set FMDirectoryView->FMDirectoryViewDetails->loading
to TRUE. Since 'loading' was false, selection_changed_callback tried
to immediately set the selection of the view, causing us to lose the
selection. On subsequent uses of 'alt-up' however,
selection_changed_callback occurs *after* the call to
finish_loading(). My guess is that this has to do with differences in
the length of time to load all file information and prepare the view
in list view compared to icon view, and it might also have to do with
the length of time for loading a directory not in the $HOME filesystem
subtree (this bug shows itself if you open any non-$HOME directory
such as /usr/local for the first time).

The fix was to set 'loading' to TRUE sooner, in load_directory(), so
that it will be TRUE when selection_changed_callback() runs. I also
removed unnecessary setting of
FMDirectoryView->FMDirectoryDetails->loading in FMIconView.

Sorry for being so long-winded. Please let me know if I should cut
down on the information! :)

Let me know if anything needs to be clarified. Thanks!


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