Re: copying in nautilus

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 11:14 -0700, Josh Kuo wrote:
> I have setup a NFS-mounted directory and using setgid to force group
> permissions, my goal is to have people drag-n-drop files in there, and
> depending on who the user is, the group permissions will be setup
> accordingly.
> The problem as I discovered is, copying from command line is fine, but
> if I do it from Nautilus via drag-n-drop, it will preserve the old group
> setting. For example, if I created a file with permission, when
> I copy it over to the NFS-mounted directory, it is automatically
> switched to user.two. But if I perform the same task in Nautilus, it
> preserves the group permission and I still get a permission in
> the NFS-mounted directory.
> It appears to me that Nautilus is using "cp -a" under the hood to
> perform the drag-n-drop option, and if so, is there anyway I can change
> this in a config file?


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