Re: [PATCH] bug 145237: parent-folders button does not look like a button

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 22:07 -0400, Mystilleef wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't like the proposal. I don't want to have to wad through the
> menu just to traverse folder hierarchy. I prefer it the way it is
> right now. It is a lot more efficient, unfortunately, it isn't
> discoverable. The problem is that of discoverability not
> functionality.

In the end, I think it's a judgment call, so I respect your opinion if
you happen to find it easier to use. But can you explain how come it is
"a lot more efficient"? That widget works basically like a hidden menu,
but separated from the very similar, in concept, "Places" entry.
With the mouse it requires the very amount of work to use it as a real
With keyboard, it usually requires: Tab, Enter, select your parent
level, Enter. A real menu would require Alt+something, select your
parent level, enter.  
Frankly, the only usability reason I can personally see to the widget is
to have it in more evidence instead of having it among other menus. And
that requires making the widget more discoverable indeed.

> With regards to the HIG, it is there as a guideline, not a hard and
> fast rule we must all follow. The guidelines should be applied when it
> makes sense, and discarded when it isn't practical. Spatial nautilus
> is a distinct widget, I don't think it is practical to add yet another
> menu to the menu toolbar because one wants to reach the parent
> directory.

I named the HIG in the alternative proposal of keeping the widget but
changing slightly its behaviour and text.
The way it is now, it resembles a small address bar and is somewhat
against the spatial concept: it starts on "this" folder (useless in
spatial: the window _is_ the folder, and its title is clearly stated)
Precede that with an "open " (even better than a "go to " now that I
think of it, we're opening spatial objects, not browsing locations) and
default to the immediate parent and you'll have a more sensible "open
parentofthisfolder" button.

Elia Cogodi <eliacogodi tin it>

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