Nautilus side pane disappeared.


I had closed the side pane (using the slider) while I was still working
on FC1 (previous Nautilus release). 
Now that I have upgraded to FC2, I donĀ“t see any option or possibility
to restore the side pane  (in the Nautilus view menu I do NOT have the
show Side pane option as mentioned in the tutorial !). Also the
possibility to run a script is not available in the file menu of any
nautilus window I open ?!

Reason for sliding the panel away under FC1/previous Nautlius version
was because it was easy to use the browse buttons on top of the screen.
I know that I can still do that in the current Nautilus setup, but I
guess they have changed the default way of working for a reason (many
users seem to like it after giving it a serious try). I just would like
to be able to give it a try as well...

I know that by right clicking on a folder or going via the gnome menu 
(browse filesystem) I can still browse as I was used to do, but any
Nautilus window I open gives the same result. I only get a Nautilus
window without the side pane and no option in the menu (side pane) to
bring it back. (and no scripting option in the file menu)

Clicking on the View > Reset view to defaults does not help/change

Can anybody give me a clue on how to get the side pane back ???  

When looking/searching in my ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus directory I noticed
a directory called sidebar_panels/  .  The %gconf.xml file in it is
empty (0 bytes). Has this anything to do with it ? If so, what should be
in it ???


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