Like where gnome and nautilus are going... few requests

Just recently tried Nautilus 2.4.2 in the Debian Sarge dist.
I like it very much, it clearly needs more work but I believe the architecture and basic concepts are now sound.

=== Things I like
File associations, well done.
Image previews in icons... nice.

====Things I hate
When you move down the tree if you hit a soft link, it goes there. It should go there in the right panel, but the tree should stay on the link, not shoot off to who knows where.

==== Things I want

Right click on the desktop and be able to make NEW documents, this should also apply in Nautilus.

When in the files, clicking say F, should move you down to the first file F...

Be able to move forward and back across active windows, maybe this is more a gnome thing but I'd like to explain why (btw could do it in old gnome) Now if you ALT TAB it will sequence through the windows, very microsoft like, but one thing a Linux user gets very used of is the ALT right and *left* arrow keys, thats how tty's work. In the new gnome you can change the shortcut to say the right arrow key but there is no way to go backwards through the window stack. That makes it feel very UN-LINUX like. Please put that back.

All in all very impressive and it wont be too long before gnome and nautilus dominate the desktop market. Make navigation a dream machine, and keep the layout nice and simple and open.


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