Re: ftp and Nautilus

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 04:37:38PM -0700, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:

> Is there a case where the URL to access an eponymous and an anonymous site
> is the same? If yes, then --unfortunately-- we can't get rid of a login
> window in the beginning of the transaction as Shaun McCance suggested
> ( but
> by adding a checkbox saying "login as anonymous". That's how some FTP
> clients do it too..

And by using a button instead of a checkbox anonymous login could be 
done with 1 click instead of 2 (asuming default is unchecked).

> BTW, how do you logout out of an FTP or Samba session with Nautilus? Is it
> time based, do you have to press a button, or you have to literally kill
> gnome in order to lose a session? Because if we do it the way I suggested
> and a user has logged in as eponymous and then wants to login as anonymous
> (in case that he can't use different URLs to see the different structure),
> he/she will need a way to logout of the eponymous session.

Automatic logout when all windows showing stuff on the server have 
been closed (maybe after an additional timeout). But as long as there 
are server windows open, connection should be kept. If the connection 
is lost, a message could be displayed inside the Nautilus window (better 
than having to deal with additional message boxes).

Nautilus can't have a logout button or command (at least not in spatial mode). 

BTW, are ther any plans to add progress bars next to icons for 

Thorsten Wilms

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