Re: ftp and Nautilus

Forgot to mention right now the gnome-vfs interface to the keyring does not allow to fill in the password ahead so when we try anonymous we have to leave the password field empty as opposed to automatically filling it in with a dummy email address.


Laszlo Kovacs wrote:

Hello everybody,

This mail is about this bug:

A number of bugs have been closed as a duplicate of this one so there seems to be some interest for it.

This bug has taken up a lot of time probably because of the wrong approach for fixing it (sticking a patch in bugzilla and then reworking it several times as people complained about it).

What I am trying to understand is how the authentication behaviour in Nautilus should be. Some people think that anonymous login should be tried before asking the user for username/password if one has not been provided. This complicates things a bit.

The right way of doing this to me seemed to try anonymous first (only if there was no username *and* password provided), but still pop up the dialog to the user with anonymous filled in. This is needed as otherwise the user will never be able to log in as anything else if anonymous login is allowed on the server. If they choose at this stage to store this on the keyring then anonymous will be used in the future.

If this step fails then show the dialog again with no username and password and let the user to fill in the details.

If there was a username in the URL then only the second dialog is shown, if there was a password as well then no dialog is shown.

I don't think this solution with two dialogs is the best, but I couldn't think of anything better.

The problem is that in the first dialog if I fill in "anonymous" as the username then the username is not editable in the dialog. So if the user does not want anonymous then can not change it in the dialog, they need to press cancel and wait for the second dialog to turn up which is not great from a usability point of view.

I am running out of ideas, perhaps anybody has some thoughts on this?



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