Re: Problem with spaces in filenames

Julien Olivier wrote:
On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 12:04, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

Hi list,

i am not sure if this is a problem with nautilus or with GNOME.
I created a Launcher in my panel with

	gimp "%f"

as command line. When i drag an image file from a nautilus window onto this launcher, gimp opens the image. However, if the file filename contains spaces, like "picture a.jpg", the launcher is passed "picture%20a.jpg" which, of course, gimp cannot open.

How do i get this working? (Gnome 2.4)

Thanks for your help,

I've tested this on Nautilus-2.6 and it works perfectly. Now, maybe this
is a bug in Nautilus-2.4. Maybe you could try using gimp %f instead of
gimp "%f" ?

That does not make any difference.

Anyway, I think it is smarter to use gimp-remote -n %f as it will avoid
re-launching GIMP if it is already running.

I used gimp simply as an example. Actually i want to resize images with ImageMagick simply by dropping them onto the launcher.

Ok, i will wait then until Nautilus-2.6 becomes stable on getoo.

- Heinrich

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