Re: Don't open in new window

El jue, 13-05-2004 a las 01:14, Frank Nørvig escribió:
> Hello,
> I know this might be a very stupid question but now I've tried searching 
> for an hour on google and looked in the Nautilus help but I cant find it 
> anywhere...
> How can I make Nautilus stop opening everything in a new window?
> I recently upgraded to Gnome 2.6 and I must say that I'm VERY pleased 
> with the many improvements in Nautlius but I can't make it stop opening 
> a new window when opening a folder and it's driving me crazy!
> Hope this question is not too "basic" for this newsgroup?

Not at all, search the mailing list for the preference key name to

I hope you try to use "spatial mode" for a week and only then give up. 
It's like playing golf with a different technique, but one you might
find very rewarding after a little investment in time.

> Regards,
> Frank Nørvig
	Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)
	GPG key ID: 0xC1033CAD at

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