Re: Bugzilla spring cleaning

Adding gnome-bugsquad to CC.

* Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> [04.05.03 17:23]:
> * Close all "[Eazel Fixme]" bugs

thats easy

> * Close all bugs not reported as reproduced on Gnome 2.4 or later.
>   However, if the bug is easily reproducible but nobody tried to
>   reproduce it yet, try to reproduce it on Gnome 2.6 first.

A dedicated nautilus bug-day would help there

> * Close all bugs related to medusa/search

I thought someone did that already

> * Close all bugs related to the hardware view

What do you mean by "hardware view"? computer:/// and the Sidebar-Tree?

> * Close all bugs related to UI that is no longer in Gnome 2.6

Such as?

> * Close all bugs related to code or APIs that are no longer in Gnome 2.6

Such as?

> * Close all bugs that are somehow related to Nautilus being used as a
>   web browser.
> * Make sure all "view as image collection" bugs that we're not sure
>   are actually nautilus bugs are reassigned to the eog component. (And
>   similar for the gthumb collenction view and others like that)
> * When looking at bugs, err on the side of closing the bug. (After
>   all, we are doing this to get rid of bugs)

Sounds good.

How about closing all smb/samba bugs reported before nautilus/gnome-vfs 2.5/2.6
and reopen'ing old ones as they are reported in 2.6?

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