Bugzilla spring cleaning

For a long time now the Nautilus bugzilla component has been full of
bugs, to the extent that its basically not usable for developer work
given the number of people that now work on Nautilus. 

In order to get the Nautilus bugzilla on track so that we can
actually use it we are planning on doing some major cleanup. All of
us really dislike the idea of losing bug reports, enhancement requests
etc that might still be valid. However, we must face the fact that the
information is already lost, since given the amount of bugs we just
won't be able to find it, or have time to read it. And, if we close an
important bug by mistake, it'll get reported and reopened anyway.

To clean up bugzilla we'd like to come up with a set of
rules/guidelines that we and the bug teams can use to close bugs, so
that we end up with a manageable bugzilla. Here are some ideas for the

* Close all "[Eazel Fixme]" bugs
* Close all bugs not reported as reproduced on Gnome 2.4 or later.
  However, if the bug is easily reproducible but nobody tried to
  reproduce it yet, try to reproduce it on Gnome 2.6 first.
* Close all bugs related to medusa/search
* Close all bugs related to the hardware view
* Close all bugs related to UI that is no longer in Gnome 2.6
* Close all bugs related to code or APIs that are no longer in Gnome 2.6
* Close all bugs that are somehow related to Nautilus being used as a
  web browser.
* Make sure all "view as image collection" bugs that we're not sure
  are actually nautilus bugs are reassigned to the eog component. (And
  similar for the gthumb collenction view and others like that)
* When looking at bugs, err on the side of closing the bug. (After
  all, we are doing this to get rid of bugs)

There are lots of enhancement bugs open, and I'd like to close some of
them, but these are hard to come up with guidelines for. I guess Dave
and I need to go over them some day. Some might be obviously closeable
by other people though... 

If you have any other ideas that you think would help, please share
them so that we can have a good set of guidelines before starting to
close bugs.

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