Location Bar Filters

(Apologies if you have received two copies of this message!)

Dear All,

Greetings.  Newish to Nautilus.  Have an entry that might go on the Wish
List, but the desired effect may already be out there somewhere, so this
is a preliminary sounding:

Notion:  Nautilus at its simplest presents the results of an "ls" request 
in a nice graphical form.  All files and directories in a given location.  
Well, wouldn't it be nice to be able to put a filter such as:

           /home/max/*.eps -c
or         /home/max/stacks/beginningoffileimlookingfor*.*

in the location textbox?  I know there are some filter windows somewhere
but they're a bit buried and slow to change whereas this yearned for would
be quick easy and above all natural.  And I'd use it nigh every day.

Thoughts, recommendations, or even a response of "OK you change it!" most 

Regards, Max

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