Re: Convergence Of Twain

Sorry if I wasn't totally clear... by navigation bar I meant the tool bar (back, forward, up ... ) I considering how the code bases could be merged. From a series of options, the user could choose between spacial, browser and a mix in between. For instance, I would like to have the the clean look of spacial but I really don't care for window tracking. Some of the features like the "Places" menu I prefer over the Browser mode counterpart (Bookmarks) . So my question, Is it possible to combine spacial mode and browser mode so instead of either spacial or browser, the user can choose an in between option where they can customize their file browser to their liking?

Just FYI, when Windows 98 brought web-mode to file browsing it had the options Web-mode, Classic, and Customize. Back in the day, I was always a fan of Customize :) .

--brad barnich

Ross Burton wrote:

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 00:13, Brad Barnich wrote:
Why not take browser mode (whatever its called, 2.4 nautilus style) add the following options

- opening all folders in a new window
- hide navigation bar.
- show folder tree in status bar (that way to navigate in spacial, I like that :) )
- track window positions

Then everyone would be happy and could mix and match features of spacial and browser mode to create *their* best file manager. That is what we are going for isn't it?

Hide navigation bar already exists (if you mean the Location bar), so
that is off.

Opening all folders in new windows and track window positions have to be
either on or off together, as you can't track window positions if there
are no new windows being created.  This is the key difference between
spatial and browser mode.

This leaves showing the folder tree in the status bar. Browser mode has
an "Up" toolbar button which is very similar to the path dropdown, so
not a lot would be gained by adding the dropdown too.


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