Re: How ca I speed up access to USB floppy with Nautilus File Manger?

On Mit, 2004-03-31 at 20:57, Rocky Zhang wrote:
> I am currently use Nautilus 2.2.1 on Redhat 9. I use submount
> ( to manage my removable floppy drives
> (include USB floppy and internal floppy). When I open USB floppy mount
> point with Nautilus File Manager, it take so long time (nearly 50
> seconds; There are 10 files on my diskette, some are word format, some
> are Excel format, some are PDF format) to see the contents of floppy
> disk. I tested use normal vfat file system, mount it, launch file
> manager with mount point at the first time, it take a long time as
> well.  And if I use any other application ( such as OpenOffice) to
> "Open" or "Save as", it only take several seconds to display the
> contents of floppy. If I use "ls -l  $mount_point_of_Floppy", it also
> return quickly. 
> Is there anything or config file I can modify in Nautilus File Manager
> to speed up the access to floppy diskette (ideally it only take several
> seconds)? 

This would probably be much faster with nautilus 2.6, as it doesn't
sniff all the files anymore automatically. But AFAIK there is no
possibility to force this behaviour in older nautilus releases.


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