How ca I speed up access to USB floppy with Nautilus File Manger?


I am currently use Nautilus 2.2.1 on Redhat 9. I use submount
( to manage my removable floppy drives
(include USB floppy and internal floppy). When I open USB floppy mount
point with Nautilus File Manager, it take so long time (nearly 50
seconds; There are 10 files on my diskette, some are word format, some
are Excel format, some are PDF format) to see the contents of floppy
disk. I tested use normal vfat file system, mount it, launch file
manager with mount point at the first time, it take a long time as
well.  And if I use any other application ( such as OpenOffice) to
"Open" or "Save as", it only take several seconds to display the
contents of floppy. If I use "ls -l  $mount_point_of_Floppy", it also
return quickly. 

Is there anything or config file I can modify in Nautilus File Manager
to speed up the access to floppy diskette (ideally it only take several



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