Re: Opening a parent window in spacial mode

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 08:08, Dennis Cranston wrote:

> --- Chris Egan <lists limewolf com> wrote:

> > On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 06:57, Dennis Cranston wrote:

> > > How about alt+shift+up?  This key combination opens the parent folder while closing its child.

> > Hmm, maybe I'm missing somthing but that doesn't seems to work for me?
> > (Alt+Up does, but that doesn't close the child window). I'm currently
> > runnning nautilus 2.5.8.

> Did you update metacity?  

> This key combination conflicts with older versions of metacity.

I'd updated metacity to 2.7.0, though I've just checked 2.7.1 and the
changelog indicates it includes the fix to avoid the conflict. 

I just can't keep up, I'd not long installed Gnome 2.6 beta1 and beta2
comes along, now I see RC1 has been announced! Great news! :-)



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