Re: [PATCH] close windows on unmount

> Nautilus should always remain open, but should never prevent unmounts.
> If a FS is unmounted underneath an open window, the window should be
> shaded grayish to notify the user something is wrong. If the user clicks
> on an object of the FS, Nautilus states that its has lost the
> "connection" to the FS, and offers to re-mount it. If it fails to re-
> mount the FS, say because the user doesn't have permission to mount that
> volume, *then* Nautilus finally closes the window.

"offers to re-mount it"? As in popup dialog box? That would counter the
purpose of the automounter which mounts a filesystem without any

IMHO Nautilus should never close windows on its own. If the displayed fs
is no longer available, displaying a gray shaded windows is a good thing
as it tells the user something is "wrong". 

If you will implement autoclosing of windows i'd realy like to see an
option to turn this behaviour off.

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