Re: [PATCH] close windows on unmount

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 06:52, Ryan McDougall wrote:

I can't speak about how this are done (since my Unix skills are still
developing), but I can prattle on about how they should work. ;)

Frankly, if automount can't express transient data storage adequately
with traditional Unix semantics, then it deserves to go the way of the
Dodo. With USB keys, cameras, etc. becoming very common, in addition to
the networked file systems we've had for a while, one needs a more
flexible way of handling such devices. Thus we have sysfs, HAL, dbus,
etc coming down the pipe; which is probably the long term solution.

As for what *I* would decide if it was *me* making the decision and
can't wait for more sophistication at the kernel level: Assume every
volume is transient -- the ground beneath you is always moving.
Nautilus should always remain open, but should never prevent unmounts.
If a FS is unmounted underneath an open window, the window should be
shaded grayish to notify the user something is wrong. If the user clicks
on an object of the FS, Nautilus states that its has lost the
"connection" to the FS, and offers to re-mount it. If it fails to re-
mount the FS, say because the user doesn't have permission to mount that
volume, *then* Nautilus finally closes the window.

What do you think? Does it cover all cases? It shouldn't prevent
floppies from unmounting, it should allow automount to work properly,
and its fairly general to any transient FS.

It might be a good idea, but if we want to get file change notification,
there just *isn't* a way to not prevent unmount. Dnotify requires you to
keep the directory fd open, and this prevents unmount. Nothing we can do
about it.

Then i have to manually close the window (or cd to $HOME), if i want to dismount a filesystem. No problem, same as with command line.


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