Re: no preview thumbnails for various file types in 2.5.x

On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 21:32, Jens Ansorg wrote:
> At some point in the 2.5.x series (using 2.5.90 now) Nautilus lost the
> ability to show thumbnails with actual file content for various file
> types, i.e. SVG files, XCF Gimp files.
> See this screenshot:
> there are thumbnails of the mentioned type that show a preview - these
> are created weeks/months ago. There are others that show just the icon -
> created or edited or moved from folder to another one (files that hat a
> preview loose it when I move them around)
> Probably related issue (not on this screenshot): 
> I have a ftp-mount to my web server - works great btw :) 

by-default nautilus only creates thumbnails for local files.

(i'm quite sure that you knew this already, but maybe not)


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