Re: Updated patch for toggling show hidden files state

On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 13:21, Jamie McCracken wrote:
> I have added an updated patch to bugzilla for this bug:
> This large patch now works more appropriately for both browser and
> spatial modes.

There was a couple of issues with this patch:

new_info->initial_view & new_info not freed in callback

some complexity wrt when to show the window can now be removed if we
always wait for the metadata before loading the view.

+			show_hidden_file_setting = g_strdup("1");
+		} else {
+			show_hidden_file_setting = g_strdup("0");
missing space before the paranthesis, and there is no need to strdup

+	/* reset show hidden state for nautilus browser to default */	
+	if (nautilus_view_get_window_type (nautilus_view) == Nautilus_WINDOW_NAVIGATION
This doesn't look right. We want to keep the window setting when we
change location in the browser mode.

+	/* only apply global show hidden files pref if browser or local setting has not been set for this uri */

This comment isn't right wrt browser mode.

nautilus_view_get_show_hidden_files_mode () should probably cache the

"view -> Reset view to defaults" should reset the show hidden mode too.

Nautilus_ShowHiddenFilesMode show_hidden_files_mode;
should be in NautilusWindowDetails, not in NautilusWindowClass.

The hidden mode needs to be propagated to the tree sidebar view too.

The window hidden mode doesn't affect the recursive file counts.

I've fixed all this but the last one (it required some more changes too)
and commited to HEAD. Thanks a lot for your work!

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