nautilus is not starting anymore

hi all,

i have had to kill nautilus because of a samba share which lost the
connection (the samba share was mounted - i was not using smb:///).
After i've killed nautilus it didn't start up automatically - so i opend
a terminal and tried to start nautilus there - it starts up - runs - but
nothing happens (it doesn't draw the background - no icons - no
windows). So i startet nautilus with the -c option - there i'll get:

FAIL: check failed in nautilus-file-operations.c, line 2657
      evaluated: get_duplicate_name ("foo (123rd copy).txt", 1)
       expected: foo (124th copy).txt
            got: foo (123rd copy) (Kopie).txt
running nautilus_self_check_directory

and then it hangs - so what is nautilus doing at check_directory - how
can i get it working again ?

best regards

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