Re: Natilus using UTF-8 for filenames regardless of locale

On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 22:36 +0200, Mika Fischer wrote:

> That's what I was hoping not to hear. The reason is that some of the
> applications I use don't cope too well with UTF-8 (the main culprit being
> zsh). So that is not an option (for me and at this moment).

zsh doesn't deal with unicode? That doesn't sound right at all. Are you
sure this is because you are not using a unicode compliant terminal

From memory, my housemate, running zsh, has no problems with unicode.
Most of it comes down to the terminal emulator, gnome-terminal and
uxterm work fine.

Of course, you can run in another locale with `LANG=de_DE euro foo` if
you have that locale generated.

Why not give unicode a try? ;)


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