gnome-vfs smb kerberos support

I added some code in HEAD for initial kerberos support.
You need to apply the patch i posted at:

and then build from gnome-vfs head including running configure. To test
this you need to have a system set up that authenticates with kerberos
against an Active Directory, or agains a Kerberos domain that has a
trust relation with an Active Directory. I have just been able to test
this on a ssh login with command like gnome-vfs tools, so I'd love is
some more people tested this.

In my testing there seems to be a problem with environment variables
when gnome-vfs-daemon is started by bonobo-activation, it seems
KRB5CCNAME isn't passed on to the server or something, but if you
manually start gnome-vfs-daemon before launching gnome-vfs apps it seems
to work.

Michael, do you know anything about the environment vs.
bonobo-activation issue?

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