Re: Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock!

On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 09:57, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 02:57, Jamie McCracken wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I've added a rather large patch to bugzilla (its too large to append to
> > this email as its over 80kb in size) :
> > 
> >
> I'm sorry for not having replied to this mail until now. I've been very
> busy with redhat work and finishing off some other important stuff
> before the feature freeze and my vacation. Its obvious that you've spent
> a lot of time hacking this up, and I feel that requires me to give a
> good serious reply. In particular, a reply that says no to some feature
> or require large changes need to detail why, what would be need to be
> changed, etc. This takes a lot of time, since it requires a lot of
> thinking about the future path of Nautilus (its especially important to
> be carefull in adding features to nautilus, because its very very hard
> to later remove them).
> Unfortunately, it seems I don't have any time to write such a well
> thought out reply, because I'm still pretty busy, and I go on vacation
> tomorrow. So, here are my current not-very-well articulated thoughts
> about your ideas.
> I would like to have bookmarks in spatial mode. However, rather than
> just useing the browser window bookmarks i'd like to revamp the nautilus
> bookmark system so that it works better with the file selector
> bookmarks. I haven't really though this throught though, so I'm not sure
> exactly what that means...

Thats fine - I'm planning to do that too.

> Keyboard shortcuts for the bookmarks looks interesting, but we have to
> make sure we don't conflict with other global keybindings.

By default I didn't see anything in metacity (in FC2) that used these.
Of course metacity can be set up to use any key binding.

> The pathbar (a re-rooting one) looks like a possibly interesting idea.
> However i'm not sure about it. It takes a lot of space that can push out
> the status bar text, and it would have to open new windows, which is
> sort of different than the file selector version. It also exposes the
> path concept in the spatial UI, which we've tried to avoid.

Good to have as an option (for some having the hierarchy exposed is a
good thing)

> I really dislike the making of new preferences for behaviour. If some
> new behaviour isn't good enought to be the default we just shouldn't add
> it. We've managed to kill a lot of prefs since 1.x, which has made
> nautilus imho a better app. Lets keep on that route. (Thats not saying
> we can never add prefs, but we have to be very careful with that.)
> I don't like the open-in-same-window part at all. If people want that
> and have some problem with the browser window, we should instead work on
> fixing the browser mode.

I prefer a hybrid system like OS/X and I cant get that with being
limited to either browser or spatial (in the end you either have to add
spatial features to browser or vice versa as I have done to achieve this
effect). What I will do is maintain a separate version of Nautilus (I'll
call it Nautilus Plus) and make it available to any who want it. That
way it avoids conflicting with what you want and any functionality in it
that you want added can easily be transferred across. That should
hopefully please everybody.


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