Re: UI Mockup Round 2

Daniel Brodie wrote:
And now the biggie... The location bar. It's obvious people like the
text entry version. And people also like the path buttons version. So
here is my idea (Based on Eugenia's idea of using a customized toolbar
like in Epiphany). We should have 3 toolbars to choose from the "Back,
Forward, Up, ..." toolbar, the location toolbar (text entry version),
and the path buttons toolbar. The user can then choose what combination
of the 3 possible toolbars he wants. I have 2 mockups to demonstrate
What do you guys think of this? Oh and I didn't change the way the left
pane looks partially because there's not much of a visual change in this
new version, but mostly because I'm lazy :-)

I would like to propose a different appraoch:

That is a GtkEntryCompletion. It is always in the end of the pathbar,
and lets people always, easily, type in relative paths. A person can
also go into very nested folders very quickly just by typing and using
the auto-complete. It is also easy to go up by typing in ../../
some_folder_name and then you can continue to type in the path that you
want. It also works great for hidden file/folders. Last, its simple
enough that a beginner should understand how to use this 'hybrid'.

That is very useful - it is exactly how I use the RoX filer. When I hit '/' the path appears (that's a diffenrence, in you mock it would be visible right away) and while i type the display reflects my typing. A RAPID mode of navigation, I must say.

Now, regarding the up command, GtkEntryCompletion have support for
actions. While I don't think it really fits in (since you have to start
typing a folder name to go up?) I just thought I would pop it on the
screenshot, since there maybe some good actions that an be added to it
that I haven't thought of.

The only case I can think of where a complete text entry would be
better, is if you have similar paths you want to edit (say /mnt/win1/
file to /mnt/win2/file). Though, this could be done with the ctrl+l

But the CTRL+L dialog should then have the current path in it, at least.

* André

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