Re: Desktop mountpoint icons

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 17:08, Kevin C. Krinke wrote:
> Ok folks I'd like to know how to work with the .volume icons shown when
> you mount a device / file system. (I found out the .volume extension
> using a nautilus script that simply shows you the values of all the
> NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_* environment variables as when you cd into ~/Desktop
> the icons are non-existent.)
> More precisely I'd like to know the following:
> 1) is there a way to prevent these from being made? ie: I don't want any
> of them on the desktop at all.

Yes. There is a gconf setting now in HEAD:

> 2) is there any data about the mountpoint that I can have access to
> either via a script or by writing a gnome app? ie: I'd like to get at
> the actual device and mountpoint names so that I can remount them with
> different options.

Not really. These files are totally internal in-memory nautilus objects.

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