Re: Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock! [changing spatial button mapping]

In the case of left-click=open, and middle-click=open-and-close-parent
setup we currently have, we do so for discoverability reasons; that is
because new users are likely to prefer to use only one button (the left
button if the have windows experience), and many mice have to simulate
the middle button with a simultaneous left+right click (a tricky
operation *I* occasionally fail at). Therefore we map the most general
purpose function (open in new window) to the most used button.

However, although open-in-new-window has the most uses, its often NOT
the most used. That is the majority of use cases for any user is
"drilling" in search of a single item, than therefore the most useful
function is open-and-close-parent. I guess that about 90% of my usage is
so, and that my usage pattern is not uncommon; therefore I will assume
this is generally true among all users.

Next I will assume that users who are sufficiently sophisticated to
change the preferences of their file manager, are sufficiently
sophisticated enough to have discovered the middle button, and know how
to effectively operate both buttons.

If my two above assumptions are correct, then swapping the left and
middle button functions is a usability improvement since the most often
used command is mapped to the easiest to operate button.

The above seems to me to be a pretty clear argument to allows some means
(whether in GConf or pref GUI) to change the mouse button mapping. Do
you agree?


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