Spatial mode and mime-handlers for directories


I'm still trying to get used to spatial nautilus which I have installed from Debian testing.

I have set up some applications for directories (mime x-directory/normal) which I find handy. They are emacs, terminal, gthumb, gnome-search-tool etc.

In both browser and spatial nautilus I can right click on a directory and use "Open with" to get to these applications.

In a nautilus browser window I get buttons in the sidebar for lauching them.

In a nautilus spatial windows there is absolutely no way to access my preferred applications for directories. In the File menu "Open with" is greyed out (and it is for files and sub-directories anyway), and if I right click on the background, the context menu does not offer an "Open with" item.

Maybe an "Open this folder with" item should be added to the File menu and the root context menu, so I would have the possibility of saying "Open this folder in Emacs" and the like.

Now I either have to switch to browser mode or open the parent and right click on the directory I came from.

René Seindal (rene seindal dk)
Seindal Consult

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