Re: Spatial mode and mime-handlers for directories

Markus Bertheau wrote:
В Птн, 09.07.2004, в 11:26, René Seindal пишет:

In a nautilus spatial windows there is absolutely no way to access my preferred applications for directories.

Use the folder icon in the folder that contains the folder you want.

Well, that is really from another nautilus window, is it?

Besides it is not very practical if the folder in question has hundreds of siblings. I'll be wasting a lot of time searching for same folder as I already have open in its parent. I might not have gotten there through the parent. Not exactly efficient, having to locate the same folder twice just to do a simple operation like launching gthumb.

Why don't you explain to me why having access to ones preferred applications for directories from a spatial nautilus window is a useless thing?

René Seindal (rene seindal dk)
Seindal Consult

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