Re: [Nautilus] Mounted loop iso images does not appear into Computer folder

On Fri, 2004-07-02 at 14:23, Luca Cappelletti ( wrote:
> Hello Olaf,
> so you mean that nautilus cannot handle into 'Computer' folder a loop 
> mounted image?
> Is this a Bug or a Feature?
I don't know. I just played with fstab after your e-mail and found this
behaviour. I think they have some reason to disable it for loopback
mounted filesystems.
But in my opinion it is a bug.
> I need the capability to provide the availibility of a mounted image 
> into 'Computer' folder.
> Now it doesn't work using this entries:
> /mnt/Images/Test.iso /mnt/test iso9660 loop
> or
> /mnt/Images/Test.iso /mnt/test iso9660 loop,user (like suggested by Davyd)
> Did you know how to workaround?
Sorry, I have no idea.



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