Re: Mime-type detection and GLabels application

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 11:20, René Seindal wrote:
> HI,
> I use the glabels application to print out adressing labels, but after I 
>   upgraded to Gnome 2.6, I can no longer launch glabels by clicking on a 
> .glabels file.  It is being classified as a application/x-gzip file and 
> I'm only offered file-roller as a possible application.
> I have .glabels file registered as application/x-glabels in "File Types 
> and Programs", with the glabels application as default, but it is 
> apparently being ignored.
> How do I persuade nautilus to launch the application of my choice on 
> these files?

Hmm, this is due to the change in the mime type system to the new system. Unfortunately the file types and programs app
creates the old-style mime types. We're working on fixing this.

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