nautilus and fam, unable to umount disk

I posted something about this about a month back and looked at my posts.
it appears (i don't really know how to use bugzilla) that this is a bug.
I am just wondering if there is a fix or something for it.

when I mount some disk (it doesn't matter where i mount it from, command
line, nautilus, whereever, as long as nautilus is running and drawing
background) i very often have trouble unmounting it (all of the sudden, if
i mount /mnt/floppy from the command line and then immediately umount, i
have this problem as well).  it turns out that when i try to umount the
floppy, cdrom, camera etc fam takes a hold of the device (i used the fuser
command to find this out).  anyways, in order to unmount the device i have
to su as root and kill fam.

is there a fix for this?


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