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El jue, 15-01-2004 a las 02:37, Mattias Eriksson escribió:
> I see one security flaw with this solution and it is that the user might
> be fooled into running trojans and other kind of evil programs. If I
> send a user a executable with a .mp3 extension or .gif extension, it is
> detected according to the suffix. The user wants to taka a look at it
> and double-click the file. Now a sniff is performed and it is detected
> it is an executable and the file is run. Do we really want this?

This is a very real thing now.  Codeweavers WINE using people have
executable files which are associated to WINE.  An EXE file with a JPG
extension could be sent maliciously to a Codeweavers using person, and
then he could open it and find that he's running a Windows trojan.  Or
perhaps he won't realize that, which it's even worse.

Please make file extensions go away, and start using MIME types and
storing them as metadata.

> //Snaggen, without a better solution to this complex problem
> ons 2004-01-14 klockan 17.57 skrev Alexander Larsson:
> > I read the mime detection threads, and considered the opinions and
> > options. It seems that there is no perfect solution to this problem.
> > After some discussion with dave I came up with a solution that seems to
> > work pretty well, although its not perfect.
> > 
> > Basically, we use regexp detection by default, and if that fails (i.e.
> > due to no extension) we fall back to magic sniffing. However, for
> > important uses (such as file properties, file launching etc) we force
> > sniffing. We also sniff files when they are selected the first time. 
> > 
> > This has a couple of interesting features:
> > 
> > * Allows "unix-style" no extensions files to work as before
> > * Does minimal I/O for directories where files have extensions,
> > resulting in better performance and less HD wear.
> > * Never moves around icons without the user explicitly doing something
> > with them, meaning clicks are deterministic. (i.e. the icon won't move
> > right before you click on it because a background sniff changed the type
> > of something and relayouted the folder.)
> > * Only sniffs files on some explicit action, minimizing e.g. network
> > bandwidth use, while still never being fooled by wrong extensions for
> > important operations.
> > 
> > It does introduce a strange behaviour though. Clicking on a file (or
> > otherwise selecting it) can change the type (and icon) of it. This will
> > however only happen on "invalid" input, i.e. files with the wrong
> > extensions. This is not common, and I think this behaviour is less
> > irritating for a novice user than not being able to open the file.
> > 
> > The one thing people have pointed out that this doesn't handle is the
> > case of miss-sniffed files being hard for users to correct, and
> > mime-magic in general only being modifiable by developers. However, I
> > think that, given some work, we can make the mime sniffing pretty damn
> > good. In the end I trust magic more than extensions, since we control
> > the magic and can fix any issues, while we can never control or fix the
> > users filenames.
> > 
> > And for the very few cases where the worst happens with sniffing, we
> > just have to make sure that the open with ui allows you to open any type
> > of file with any app, then these cases shouldn't cause any
> > insurmountable problem to users.
> > 
> > I'm sure some people will dislike this behaviour, but I think its a fair
> > compromise. I did some measurments of sniffing performance, and I think
> > that it is an actual problem. On my (pretty fast) machine reading a dir
> > with 500 mpeg files takes 3.5 seconds (just the gnome-vfs part) with
> > sniffing and 0.09 seconds without it. Thats 40 times as slow. We just
> > have to accept that seek times and rotational delays makes opening a lot
> > of files slow, and that it will continue to be slower and slower 
> > relative to disk bandwidth and cpu performance in the future. And
> > latencies gets even worse with network filesystems.
> > 
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