Re: Nautilus, metadata and extendet attributes

Julien Olivier wrote:
On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 17:17, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

Julien Olivier wrote:

That would be really weird, because it would lie to the user. Fortunately it does not do so (Nautilus 2.4.1). I have a file "license.dat" which is shown with an MPG icon and when i double click on it, it is opened with mplayer, which is both wrong, but at least nautilus does what the user can expect when he looks at the icon.
Dunno why it's sniffed as MPG, file(1) reports it as "ASCII text".

BTW, why can't i simply select "Open with", type in "vi" and view the file? Instead i am confronted with a far too complex "Edit file type" dialog which does not even allow me to change the type of the file.

In Midnight Commander i at least have the command line, where i can type "more license.dat", in case mc does not do what i want when pressing F3.

For me, this is less than usable, that's why i continue to use mc for my daily work. I mainly use nautilus for viewing images with "Image Collection", which is really cool, but far to slow with large directories, because of mime-type sniffing.

What you wrote is true for Nautilus 2.4 but this thread is about
Nautilus 2.5.

Sorry, i didn't know that. So this will be fixed in 2.5?

From what I know:

 - The "edit file with..." dialog will be totally re-written. So it will
be easy to select an application, even if the mime-type is wrongly
 - Nautilus will display the icon of each file according to the _file
name extension_, not sniffing.
 - When you select or double-click on an icon, Nautilus will perform
sniffing on this file, to determine the real (?) mime-type.

 - If the file name extension doesn't match the sniffed mime-type, the
behavior is still not clear, but it seems that Nautilus will display a
warning dialog.

I really hope so, because without warning nautilus would be just as dangerous as windows with hidden extensions. Maybe nautilus should even refuse to open the file in this case, until the user has either changed the file extension or told nautilus that it has sniffed the file wrongly and must rely on the extension. I think this would provide both security *and* usability




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