Re: hidden files in Nautilus

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 00:42, Alexander Kirillov wrote:

I'd like to make a suggestion regarding the way Nautilus shows hidden
(.*) files. Currently, if one wants to see hidden files in Nautilus, one
has to go to preferences, check "show hidden files", look at the files
you need, then go back and turn this option off (few people need this
option on permanently).

Showing the existance of hidden files in the status bar sounds like it
might be a good idea. For the rest, we know the current system is
non-ideal. We'd like to make the show-hidden-files a per-window
attribute with a switch in the view menu.

Agreed but with a list of system folders to not be shown; i don't think will be nice users deleting their .gconfd/.gnome2 folders.

Alexandre Hautequest
Linux Registered User# 116289 |

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