Re: hidden files in Nautilus

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 00:42, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to make a suggestion regarding the way Nautilus shows hidden
> (.*) files. Currently, if one wants to see hidden files in Nautilus, one
> has to go to preferences, check "show hidden files", look at the files
> you need, then go back and turn this option off (few people need this
> option on permanently). 
> My suggestion is: instead of this option, if the current directory has
> hidden files/subdirectories, Nautilus should show (in the icon view) a
> special icon with caption "(number) hidden directories + (number) hidden
> files)"; clicking on this icon should show all hidden files/directories
> (and the usual, non-hidden ones, too) and put a button "hide hidden
> files" (or something to this effect) on the toolbar.  
> As an extra benefit, this will alert people to the fact that there are
> some hidden files/directories, even if they do not want to know what
> exactly files there are. May be helpful when you are wondering why you
> get "not enough space" message when copying to a floppy and Nautilus
> shows no files on the floppy (answer: because of .Trash)
> Of course, this is just an idea - and I fully understand that many
> people never want to be reminded of hidden files, ever. Yet, may be
> worth considering.

Showing the existance of hidden files in the status bar sounds like it
might be a good idea. For the rest, we know the current system is
non-ideal. We'd like to make the show-hidden-files a per-window
attribute with a switch in the view menu.

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