Re: Nautilus, metadata and extendet attributes

El lun, 02-02-2004 a las 12:02, Ryan Boder escribió:

> Why does the sniffing have to occur when you try to open the directory? I'm
> not taking the time to research how to implement this on Linux right now,
> but conceptually wouldn't it be better for a desktop system to sniff the
> files when they are created or copied over? There is no reason to wait until
> the user opens the directory to sniff all the files.
> I would like to see file types managed by the system in some way so that
> files are sniffed and the file type stored as meta data at a time when the
> user is not waiting for nautilus to do it's thing.
> If file types are managed this way, sniffing is fast enough for nautilus and
> even the command line. Then we get to have the best design (file types
> stored as meta data not hacked into file names) and still have the speed of
> file extensions.

You are so right!   I didn't think this would be possible.  I think
there would be a need for some kind of system-wide monitoring facility
that acted upon file creation and the like.  So Nautilus doesn't have
that responsibility.  Makes a lot of sense.  

Nautilus would only need to use the info instead of calculating it.

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