odd icons displayed


a feature i use often is the ability to launch a nautilus browser under
(say) the root user (a bit of a 'file manager super user mode').
upgrading to gnome 2.6.1 with nautilus 2.6.3 i seem to have lost the
icons displayed in both the tree on the side pane and the main view. 

all i get is what i think is the default icon of 'i don't know this file
type' for gnome. though i can't seem to find it in the icons dir it
looks like a gray sheet of paper drawn at an angle from the top-left
with a slight fold at that point (sorry about the poor description).
anyway, its all i get for any file including directories displayed when
running a nautilus browser as another user. 

strangely this is also the icon displayed for image files when that
image is too small - i've noticed <= 24px. so instead of showing a
scaled image of the image - it resorts to that icon (no big deal with
this one - but it used to work under 2.4). this happens under any user.

anyway, none of the above are intrusive or make the system
non-functioning. they're just a couple of things i've noticed in the way
nautilus displays things since i moved from 2.4.

i could very well be missing a setting somewhere.
any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks heaps.

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