Re: Custom file associations priority bug?

On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 21:47 -0300, Fabio Gomes wrote:
> Hello friends,
> In our company, we have some *.ssh files. We invented this file type to
> create SSH connection descriptors so that we could access our dozens of
> servers by double-clicking icons on Nautilus. This idea of using the
> file manager as a GUI for non-gui programs is well-known and used in the
> Microsoft world.
> Our .ssh files are simple Bash script snippets that define variables,
> much like those /etc/sysconfig/* files from Red Hat. We have a "gs2ssh"
> script that interprets these .ssh files and opens a terminal with ssh
> according to the parameters.
> And here is the problem:
> In nautilus 2.4, we simply associated files with the .ssh extension with
> our gs2ssh script and everything worked fine.
> Now, using Nautilus 2.6, the files are always detected as text/plain.
> I created another empty test user account to check if there was some
> problem with my old GNOME 2.4 settings.
> Then I opened the File Types and Programs capplet and created my SSH
> file type application/x-gs2ssh, but Nautilus still ignores it and
> detects the *.ssh files as plain text.
> Trying to prevent the file from being detected as plain/text, I created
> a new empty (0-byte) file with the .ssh extension. Nautilus detects it
> as application/octet-stream.
> Are the user-defined file types being completely ignored in favor of
> fd.o shared-mime-data?
> Is there something I can do to solve this other than downgrading to
> GNOME 2.4? 

Sorry, I can't really help you when it comes to fixing nautilus.
Instead, I can offer you to apply the attached patch to
shared-mime-info, remake it and try it again. For me, it worked:

touch test.ssh && ./test-mime test.ssh
File "test.ssh" has a mime-type of application/x-gs2ssh

I hope to be able to put up a working MIME backend for GNOME 2.8.
Therefore I'm eagerly expecting a gnome-control-center branch :).


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