Re: Spatial Nautilus - notes on usability

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 06:57, Ryan McDougall wrote:
> The easiest solution is to close windows as you go. However, I *rarely*
> need to delve into 15 deep hierarchies. My desktop has about 6 or so
> folders like ~/Picture, ~/Music, ~/Movies, etc.; so my files are only
> ever two or three clicks away. For stuff hidden in the files system such
> as /tmp/some/unixy/thing, I use Open Location which is just as fast as a
> terminal thanks to type ahead completion (just like in the location bar
> in browser mode).
> .
> .
> .
> .
> .
> .
> Heres how *I* move a file with spatialus:
> If the file is commonly used, it has a shortcut on my desktop. If its
> less frequently used I use the "Home" icon to get to the files I own. If
> I want to browse for it outside of my Home, I use the "Computer" icon to
> get to the "File system". If I know the location, I click on the
> "Computer" and hit Ctrl-l to bring up the navigation bar, and jump there
> instantaneously. In principle no different that with browser mode on a
> multi-rooted tree.
> If I have to navigate via mouse, I use the middle mouse button to close
> the parent as I go. The only difference with browser mode is that the
> spatialus windows appear in different places, and the mouse has to move
> to keep up.
> Once I find the file I "cut" it. No different that browser mode.
> I then find the destination folder as above when I found the source
> folder.
> I "paste" the file. No different that browser mode.


> There are many past emails asking about what spatial navigation brings
> to the table, and are a good place to get your questions answered. There
> is also a past story on Ars Technica detailing the rational behind such
> a move. Your best be is searching those archives.

imho the ars-technica article is ...well.... when i first found out
about the spatial nautilus i immediately wanted to learn more about the
rationale behind it. and everyone recommended the article on
but that article is imho too theoretical...too dry... too less
screenshots.... it's not the article that i found easy to read...

i recommend this:
let's have a webpage somewhere at dedicated to the spatial
nautilus, with arguments and articles why the spatial nautilus is
i mean practical examples..preferable the users experiences who used and
like the spatial
-how do i move/organize/find/launch files
-how do i avoid having 512 spat-naut windows open
-in what did the spat. naut. help me
-common misconceptions about the spat. naut.

basically something like the what i quoted from your mail, but more :)


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