nautilus thumbnail .wmf

Is nautilus supposed to thumbnail .wmf files?  Mine isn't.  I have a
clipart CD with the images in the .wmf format.  Also, how do I configure
an application to view the .wmf file when I click on it in nautilus.  I
know how to configure using a single application but the only way I can
figure out to open the .wmf files is to pipe wmf2svg to inkscape or

The command 
$ wmf2svg /cdrom/'Clip Art'/Holidays/Calendar/'01 January 10.wmf' -o
/tmp/wmf.svg | inkscape -f /tmp/wmf.svg

works from the command line but I can't get it set up to work in
nautilus when the file is clicked.

I am running Debian sarge with Gnome 2.4 and nautilus 2.4.2.  Other
image types are thumbnailed.


Brent Elmer <webe3 myrealbox com>

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