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On ven, 2003-09-19 at 15:41 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> This is another proposal, which apart from the desktop is much like
> the initial proposal. Except we decided that there will be no
> printers, scanners or other hardware in the filesystem. The place for
> such things are in the control center.  

Well, I'm not so sure. CC is good to _configure_ them, but a printer
icon (or object) somewhere is very good to _use_ this device.

So, such as you could "$ cat ~/text_file > /dev/ltp0" on CLI, I think a
GUI (expecially an object oriented one) should have the ability to d'n'd
a file over a printer icon to print it

> In the original email the model of the desktop was basically "place to
> store some files and icons for commonly used places". A lot of people
> want a stronger concept of the desktop than that.

Please note and remember that a lot of (Windows) users use deskop as
"laucher storage" place. 

> Places like home, computer and network are easily reached from menus
> in the nautilus window and the panels. I'd also like to re-introduce
> the favorites system as a way to quickly reach commonly used
> places. Favorites is more important in a spatial system, since deep
> navigation is more work.

IMHO favorites is better then Go menu in spatial system. Go <->

> Since the desktop is the default place for user files now people are
> gonna have to structure it a bit better, using directories. New users
> might not immediately figure this out, so it would be nice if we could
> create a few directories by default. Say "Documents", "Photos" and
> "Music". These could then be used as default start locations for
> specific apps, allowing users to structure their files
> "automatically".

Good and useful

> The hard part about such directories like this is that they need to be
> translated, and the apps using them need to find them, but the apps
> may be running in different locales etc. Furthermore, it would be nice
> if the directories could be renamed and things would still work. One
> way this could be done is to place a ".docdir" file in

A .desktop file has "Directory" as type. It should be unimplemented
actually. Is it a good/usable idea?

Besides the real trobles is when you leave the GNOME Desktop or a GNOME
application. I.e. OOo or other (non GNOME) apps or terminal will use
english/original names :-((((

Think bigger

			My uncle

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