Re: Volume handling proposal

Alexander Larsson writes:
I don't think its that hidden in "Computer". Thats only one click away,
and is the logical place for when you just physically interacted with
the computer (inserting a floppy). Constantly having an empty floppy
icon on your desktop seems quite in the way.

Well it does create a mental boundary. The user needs to know that it is just one click away and needs to remember that it is accessible from the folder computer. Basically you are trading visual clutter for mental clutter. Further confusing is the fact that cdroms will always appear on the desktop, while other types of physical mounted media (ie the floppy) won't. Will USB mass storage devices such as digital cameras appear on the desktop as well? I think that would be a good idea too. Using the file manager to transfer photos is very natural and i find many people prefer it to other methods available on windows.

This is the desktop-as-home metaphor that dave likes I think. It might
be a good idea. I'm not against removing the Home link on the desktop.
If we make the file-selector start in ~/Desktop this would probably work

Well I like to think of it as the desktop is the computer. Basically all file system locations should be available from the desktop starting point (or root to use unix terms). This is very similar to the model used in os9 and I think osX. MAking the file-selector default to ~/Desktop should be trivial I assume, and I don't think marco would fight any changes to epiphany :P

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