Re: Volume handling proposal

> > With the new file selector, maybe we can start making the desktop
> > directory the primary storage area for files?  The cycle is really ugly,
> > and will be an instant screw-up for the spatial file manager model.  The
> > Desktop also has the benefit of being totally user-managed, which makes
> > it a better place for them to be putting files.
> Ok. So we have to figure out the relationship between home and the
> desktop and what icons we want on the desktop.

For me, end users should see the file system starting from the desktop
and, thus, HOME would be "on the desktop". That means that the hierarchy
should appear to them like it:

Desktop -> Home -> Music
           CDROM   Videos
           Floppy  Whatever
           Trash   ...

Note that I haven't put the Desktop in Home and that's the important
point. For me, it's a good thing that Desktop is not a hidden directory
anymore because it makes it easier to find in legacy file selectors and
in the console. But, as I've already said, I think that it would be
better to just hide it in the spatial Nautilus and in GTK's future file
selector provided that we set the visual root to the Desktop and that we
put as many shortcuts to Desktop as we can. That way, why would anyone
want to go to the desktop through home ? It makes sens to want to go to
the desktop through Home when Home is the base dir, but not if Desktop
is the base dir.

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